Argentina's Omnibus Bill and its Potential Impact on Seed Patents

By Estudio Chaloupka

Argentina's Omnibus Bill and its Potential Impact on Seed Patents

Argentina's new administration, led by President Javier Milei, has proposed several laws and policies impacting various sectors. The most important one, called Omnibus Economic Reform Bill, is a massive bill currently under debate in Congress.

Some of its changes cover agriculture and intellectual property matters. As the bill is still under discussion, its final form and specific provisions are subject to change. However, regarding seeds and patents, the bill proposes reforms that may potentially:

-Relax restrictions on genetically modified (GM) seeds. This could increase the presence of patented GM seeds in the market.
-Simplify seed registration processes. This could make it easier for companies to obtain patents on new seed varieties.
-Encourage private investment in seed research and development. This could further incentivize patenting of seeds.

Overall the bill proposes intellectual property reforms that look to strengthen patent protection and streamline the patent application process, which would benefit seed companies holding patents on their varieties. 

Argentina also looks to access the UPOV 1991 Convention, established by the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants to provide a legal framework for plant variety protection (PVP), promoting the development of new plant varieties for the benefit of society.

Its key principles include the protection of plant varieties by intellectual property rights, the establishment of a breeder's exemption allowing farmers to use protected varieties for their own use, and the provision of a fair and equitable sharing of benefits between plant breeders and farmers.

"Adherence to the UPOV 1991 Act will allow Argentine producers to access the best genetic technology in the world, which is key to increase the productivity and nutrition of crops, exportable balances and resilience in the face of growing climate volatility," Argentina's Executive Power stated in a press release.

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