Intellectual Property Protection in the Creation of Sports Shoes

By E.C.V. & Asociados

The creation of a sports shoe involves various intellectual property rights, from patents for technical innovations to trademarks protecting the brand identity. 

-Patents: If the sports shoe includes technical or functional innovations, such as new materials, cushioning systems, or support devices, patent applications may be filed to protect these inventions.
-Trademarks: The brand name and logo of the sports shoe manufacturer may be protected by trademarks to differentiate their products from those of other manufacturers.
-Industrial Designs: The aesthetic appearance or unique design of the sports shoe may be protected by an industrial design to prevent unauthorized copying of its appearance.
-Copyrights: Graphic or stylistic designs, as well as specific illustrations or patterns used in the shoe's design, may be protected by copyrights.

These intellectual property rights aim to safeguard creativity, innovation, and investment in the development of products such as sports shoes.



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