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Empowering Bolivian Youth: Protecting Culture, Building a Future

By PPO Abogados

"Restoring multidimensional security for youth in the Chiquitania" is a joint programme between United Nations-Habitat, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO. It aims to promote protective measures for youth in vulnerable situations in Chiquitania, a region of tropical savannas in the Santa Cruz Department in eastern Bolivia.

The project strengthens the capacities of 150 young Chiquitano people to influence social processes and dynamics, in turn reducing the vulnerability of communities in the face of current insecurities and promoting a post-COVID-19 recovery. 

One of the most important initiatives is an innovation lab that aims to empower the youth through seed capital to support their entrepreneurial ideas. On March 2024, a group of the 150 youngsters received seed capital to launch 18 productive ventures for the protection of cultural heritage.

The initiative is key as Bolivia boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, woven from the threads of indigenous traditions, colonial influences, and the unique contributions of Afro-Bolivian communities. Law No. 530 of 2014 serves as a cornerstone for the protection, conservation, and promotion of Bolivian cultural heritage in all its forms.

Tangible heritage encompasses archaeological sites, historical buildings, and artifacts that stand as physical testaments to the past. Intangible heritage delves deeper, encompassing traditional music, dance, storytelling, and the knowledge systems passed down through generations.

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