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Venezuelan Products to Receive Protected Geographical Indication Status

By E.C.V. & Asociados

Venezuelan authorities are set to grant Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status to several of the country's agricultural products, including cocoa, mango, peach, coffee, plantain, and banana.

This designation aims to recognize and protect the unique qualities of these products associated with their specific growing regions.

Here's a breakdown of the products included in the initiative:

Cocoa: Carenero region
Mango: Boconó region
Peach: El Tocuyo region
Coffee: Miranda region
Plantain: Barlovento region
Banana: Machiques region

The PGI status benefits both producers and consumers. It ensures consumers receive authentic products from specific regions known for their quality, while producers gain recognition and potential economic advantages through price premiums and market differentiation.

This initiative is a positive step for the Venezuelan agricultural sector, potentially boosting exports and supporting local producers.


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