Costa Rica's Coffee Country Brand Unveils a Fresh Look


The new image, launched on June 13, 2024, emerged from nine workshops held across Costa Rica's seven coffee-growing regions, involving over 300 participants, as reported by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (Icafé).

"We are navigating challenging times for the coffee sector, both locally and globally. This rebranding isn't merely cosmetic; it embodies our resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the exceptional quality synonymous with Costa Rican coffee. This collective initiative strengthens our foothold in the global market, solidifying our reputation for excellence," stated Andrés Piedra Fallas, Manager of Promotion and Dissemination at Café de Costa Rica, to newspaper La Nación

The revamped Café de Costa Rica -a Geographical Indication (GI)- now features distinct logos representing each coffee-growing region: Coto Brus, Pérez Zeledón, Los Santos, Turrialba, Central, West, and Guanacaste. This initiative aims to foster a sense of community and enhance brand visibility, Piedra added.

Costa Rica boasts 93,697 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation, involving 26,725 farming families, 307 processing facilities, 98 export companies, and 55 roasters, according to Icafé data. The projected yield for the 2023-24 season is 1.67 million fanegas, reflecting a 12% decrease from the previous harvest.

According to Icafé's management report for the 2022-2023 season, Costa Rica ranks 14th among global coffee producers. Brazil leads the list, followed by Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Uganda, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, and Nicaragua, with Tanzania and Kenya following Costa Rica.

Internationally, Café de Costa Rica is promoted as a national brand, strategically positioning itself in targeted markets. 

The new initiative highlights the eight production areas, as well as the social and environmental aspects integral to Costa Rican coffee production. 

"Our refreshed brand encapsulates our essence and aspirations. From the slopes of our majestic mountains to every corner of the globe, we proudly carry the authentic flavor and quality of our coffee," Café de Costa Rica stated in its social networks.


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