Implementation of 'Rain Tree' Patent Boosts Crop Resilience in Guatemala's Dry Corridor

By Mayora IP

Implementation of 'Rain Tree' Patent Boosts Crop Resilience in Guatemala's Dry Corridor

Researchers from the University of Jaén (UJA) have implemented the 'Rain Tree' patent in the crops of five communities in the eastern dry corridor of Guatemala. This patent, developed by UJA, is designed to collect rainwater and release it to plant roots during dry soil conditions.

Implemented in 2022 despite La Niña's influence, the system successfully increased cassava production by 16% across the five communities. The project targeted agricultural communities in Chiquimula, Guatemala's Dry Corridor, where prolonged dry seasons and recurrent droughts pose significant challenges.

In addition to installing the rainwater collection system, the project included entomological traps to monitor pests, surveys on crop diseases, and workshops on crop diversification. Municipalities of Jocotán and Camotán also established native tree nurseries for communal and private forest restoration.

This initiative, part of the International Development Cooperation Project titled 'Agroforestry Actions to Build Resilience against Climate Change in Guatemala's Eastern Dry Corridor', was funded by the Andalusian Agency for International Development Cooperation (AACID). It involved collaboration from researchers at UJA, the University of Santiago de Compostela, and the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, along with support from Acción contra el Hambre in Guatemala and Somnum-Technologies.

Regarding the 'Rain Tree' patent, it is designed for forest restoration in agricultural areas with water scarcity, utilizing rainwater captured through a perforated canopy. Stored water is released to plant roots only when soil moisture is deficient, ensuring plant sustenance under dry Mediterranean conditions.

This ongoing project aims to further study its impacts and expand its applications, supported by additional funding from the Government of Galicia's Cooperation Program.

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